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17 February 2014 @ 07:09 pm
Swen, Valkubus, Faberry - Anywhere, I would Have Followed You Fanmix  

This is a unrequited love fanmix for these three pairings. We mostly consider unrequited love in these pairings because it's Quinn who love's Rachel but Rachel is completely oblivious and doesn't feel the same. It's Tamsin who is in love with Bo but but she won't tell Bo and Bo is in a love triangle with Dyson and Lauren.

Then there's the complicated relationship between Regina and Emma, I think it'd be Regina with the unrequited love. But in our own perfect world these three pairings would be in a relationship. Besides, that I've had my fair share of unrequited love too. So, I hope you like this, it was very painful to make. Excluding four songs in this mix that are original, all other songs are all covers.

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